At Ridgeway & Conger, we strive to offer our registered representatives the most up to date and cost effective technology available. This ensures that clients receive the most comprehensive and meaningful information regarding various investment products.

QuoteMedia’s proprietary software, Quotestream™, is a unique web-delivered, embedded application providing real time or delayed market information, in an easy-to-use and highly configurable interface. No downloads or installations are required with this quick, lightweight and robust application. It is a sophisticated streaming portfolio management solution that can readily be embedded on any corporate website, allowing clients to track investments and access research data with ease.


Ridgeway & Conger, Inc. (RC) offers an open architecture model to fit all business mixes and help you to nurture and grow your business. We understand there is a wide variety of investments choices within the industry because each individual investor has different needs, risk tolerances, and time horizons. RC strives to give you your independence and the freedom to choose the solution that best fits your overall needs to service your client accounts appropriately




We offer tools which allow you to compare individual holdings using detailed performance data and charts.

Our Mutual Fund Screener allows our representatives to quickly filter through thousands of Mutual Funds according to specific criteria.